Ball & Brick Lite App Reviews

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I used to love this game. This is a poor imitation. You can not give a curve to the ball and send it where you want. The ball just wanders around until it FINALLY hits the targets. Disappointing

Dont Play!

Its horrible game!

Really bad app.

Has pop up adds that wont close and half way through the level the app will close out on you. Love the game if the app would work.


This game had so many adds! I couldnt even play with out having to log out because there were so many adds.I know you can pay for no adds but I just want to play a free game.

App doesnt open

Just purchased and I can not even open it, it just keeps crashing! I want a refund.


it is not good always stop


Crashes all the time. Bad UI.

Very bar Product. Unrespectful

Product doest works. IT stops alone After some esconda. The ads are Very anoying and impeditive to play. Should be banned from Apple Store for Its lack of respect with a customer.

Very badly Made

Too many ads and the volume of the annoying soundtrack is always on max .... Regardless of ipad volume settings

Lot of bugs

Impossible to finish level 19.... Now the same problem occurs with level 36!!! You should test the game before putting it on line...

Cool game needs fixed

Halfway through level 1 I get kicked out please fix this


What a waste of time. Aside from the ads that pop up in the middle of the game (as it continues to play) the ap just shuts down constantly.

Awful awful awful

First of all, there are way too many ads. And second of all, it crashes every three seconds. Do not buy.

Fatal Error

I didnt expect much from this game at all just because its free and just a generic "brick breaker" game. However, there are two major flaws. With an Internet connection on the game becomes practically unplayable because of the ads. The ads are not only annoying but can cause the game to crash in almost a minute. Also, its impossible to progress past level 19. There is nothing I can do to cause the game to progress at this point in time so unless its fixed I would never recommend this to anyone.


Great game! But the pop up ads are annoying! And at some points the x button Doesnt work! And it always redirects me to a website!


Might I say one of the TOP games. Fun way to pass the time

This is it

turbo speed wickedness.

top this thing

Nice game for the kids and me! Sik!

Too many ads, pop up during the game making it impossible to play

They pop up during the game and you cant exit right away... Its annoying


All this game is, is advertisements. I waited and I wasnt able to play the game because of all of the ads

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